Our Rooms

Baby Room

0-2 Years

Recently renovated, our baby unit is based on the ground floor with its own separate entrance. It is a beautiful, bright, secure, open space which has direct access to the garden. The babies have their own designated area within the garden, the baby unit doors open up onto the soft flooring, partial covered area where your baby can explore, learn and grow. We have created a cosy, homely environment full of stimulating resources to encourage our babies to learn freely without any limitations through open ended play.

Toddler Rooms

2-3 Years

Our toddlers occupy the whole of the first floor which is spread over two rooms. With our toddlers starting to find their feet, they often want to feel independent. With having the whole of the first floor this enables them to have free flow between the two carefully designed rooms. We have invested a lot of time in developing each area, considering every stage of development over the two rooms, which provides the best experiences for our children under the supervision of our highly trained staff but whilst promoting their independence.

Pre-School Rooms

3-5 Years

Our preschool children occupy the ground floor. This is made up of several carefully considered rooms, each with their own focus and theme. Each room designed with a space in mind for each of the 7 areas of learning. The rooms are all connected to each other and the children are given full choice on which room they want to explore, under the watchful eye of our amazing staff.

Caring for Children aged 6 weeks to 12 years
Open All Year Round
Before and After School and Holiday Club Available